We believe social media is about more than likes and followers.

It’s about expressing your values as a brand and connecting to real people in meaningful ways.


bloomsocial works with female ENTREPRENEURs to increase their impact through mindful & genuine social media marketing

BloomSocial is a sister company to BloomFit Training and has the same values of mindfulness, social consciousness, and authenticity over perfection.

who we serve


wellness pros

Whether you’re a yoga teacher, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, nutritionist, or energy healer - helping others live happier healthier lives is your jam. You are committed to bringing out the strength in your clients, and want to spread your sweaty good vibes to the world.


local businesses

Everything you do is rooted in community. Your shop, restaurant, or gym is your baby - you basically live there. Seeing people come together in the space that you’ve created is the fuel that keeps you going through longs nights and weekends working. You’ve created something that is 100% yours and you’re proud of it.



Maybe you have your own non-profit, or maybe you’re just a frequent protester - either way you have a fire in your stomach and a message you want to shout to the world. The way things are right now are not the way they should be - and YOU are the person that is going to make a change.

Our Services

(All services can be combined and customized for each individual client)

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You are a content creation QUEEN and find joy in putting together pictures and captions that bring your business to life. Only problem? You don’t like to be on social media all (or any) of the time. We can take the pressure off by scheduling all of your posts, monitoring for engagement, and forwarding you any incoming messages.


  • Scheduling

  • Engagement monitoring

  • Notification of incoming messages

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You have the creative materials (pictures, videos, ideas), but have a hard time putting together content that really speaks to your mission and purpose. You sometimes find yourself about to post something, only to back out because you’re not sure you’re “doing it right”. Together we can create content that has your unique voice and style, and post consistently in order to build trust with your online audience.


  • 8 - 20 social media posts/month

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You’ve been posting consistently, and are ready to pull out the big guns in order to grow your audience. But, how do you reach new people?

Don’t worry, we got you. We can engage with accounts that are within your target audience in order to expand your reach.


  • Engagement with other accounts

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You loooove everything about managing your business. Except social media. You know it’s a necessary evil for the success of your business, but if it were up to you, you’d be off it all together.

Let us lighten your load and ease your mind. We can take over management of all your social accounts so you can focus on the stuff you really like to do.


  • Social Media Strategy

  • All services under Maintenance, Creation, and Growth packages


Other services

—> Instagram story highlight creation

—> Social strategy coaching

—> Social advertising (FB + LinkedIn Ads)

—> Social media data reporting

(Platforms we service: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pintrest)