"When you become a Body Positve Coach, you are making the statement to your clients that they are enough, exactly as  they are." 


The Body Positive Fitness TRAINING

This six-hour workshop for fitness professionals will certify you as a Body Positive Coach (Level 1) and give you the tools to think critically about your own body image and to advocate for a more inclusive fitness industry. You’ll leave with an understanding of how to make your classes, your gym, and your life more body positive.

We will dive deep into the messages and experiences that have formed YOUR relationship with YOUR body, demystify buzz words like Body Positivity, Diet Culture, and Inclusivity, and explore how we can create lasting positive change in the lives of our clients and in society at large.


What's included:

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CEUS - AFAA: 6 | NASM: 0.6

Body Positive Coach Level 1 Certification (Level 2 coming soon!)

Access to online community of Body Positive Coaches



Phoenix, AZ Sat Aug 24th


Time: 11am - 5:30pm

Phoenix, AZ Sat Nov 2nd


Time: 11am - 5:30pm


Workshop Feedback

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"After this workshop, the use of body positive language has really stuck with me as I lead my exercise classes. I don't use phrases about looking good or burning calories, and I've started focusing comments around doing what your body enjoys and having fun! For training, I really like the suggestion of talking about the functional,(notaesthetic) benefits of exercises! Also, when Shelby asked how many of the fitness employees struggled with body image and almost every hand went up, that really blew me away! For one, I'd always I was just me who struggled with that, and secondly, if the fitness instructors are struggling with it, and we dedicate a big part of our lives to working out, then the majority of people at the gym must struggle with it too."

- Workshop Attendee


"The discussion aspect of the training was fantastic. The open dialogue and how it was encouraged by the trainer was very helpful in understanding the information."

- Workshop Attendee


 “[I learned that] there is no perfect body, only the bodies we have.” - Workshop attendee